Monday, 20 May 2013

Target of Political Initiatives

The next target is a Senate Inquiry Committee meeting in Griffith on 3rd July 2013

The main target date is 14th September, 2013

The easier target is for protectionist parties and those with similar saving Australian agriculture, dairying and manufacturing logically sharing preferences to win balance of power in the Senate.

The more difficult target but the target which would attract nation wide attention would be to have the National Party - who have a policy of ever decreasing tariffs -  to be beaten by anyone.

An early target was the visit by the Shadow Minister for Agriculture being in Griffith on 21st May 2013. The Griffith "Area News"  had the heading "
The Senate Inquiry into citrus seemed to be an early indication before the elections. However the end date has been moved much later which is a disappointment.

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