Saturday, 25 May 2013

Preferred Political Parties

The protectionist parties are listed with a few comments by accessing Politics on the HOME page.

Three other forward looking politicieans who we have not yet asked to come on side but parhaps we should and soon.

Nick Xenaphon

His respnonses to the back-flip by the Senate committee (seen by going from the HOME page to the button to the blog Why Buy From Our Farmers then to the  5th POST   and then a long way down to Neck Xenaphon February 2012 ) were wonderful and we are seeking his permission to use amny of his quotes in a flyer we are designing.

Tony Windsor

Spent time to get for us a letter from the Minister for Agriculture (seen by selecting Politics on the HOME page)

John Madigan

His web site is an inspiration

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  1. That's not the only Pro Australian produce movements Bob has initiated Brian, He has been at it for nearly 20 years now in Queensland and is now venturing South to shake things up using honesty and common sense as his weapons. is a good read if you haven't already seen it although it needs a serious update and his Facebook pages for National and State KAParty are current in his movements and proposals found here (Bobs page)
    And here (Katter's Australian Party Victoria)
    I love your work BTW Brian, especially the letters to the Editor!