Thursday, 23 May 2013

Beware the Apologists


While Geelong takes hit after hit by losses of manufacturing apologists told of how Newcastle and Wollongong are good examples of how Geelong will survive and thrive even if all manufacturing disappears. They tell if huge increaes in Services industries. Lance Endersbee had a contention that when a country has a percntage of Services compared to total GDP exceeds 70% that it represents plotical paralysis. The ratio is down to 20% and signs of political paralysis seem to be all around us.

Refer to "The Weakness of Developed Countries" shown in "Prelude to Missing the Asian Century." The percentage of Manufacturing  of Australian GDP would continue to reduce.

STOP PRESS 23rd May, 2013 TVs Phillip Lasker  quoted the percentage for manufacturing as 8% which he said is the  lowest level since 1910.

If there are enough  apologists to  vote in the same politicians we have now then we could then be planning  for a cycle of Third World (1788 to  1850), Developing Country (1850 to 1938, Developed Country (1938 to 2007), Fairy Land Country (2008 to ?) , Third World, Developing Country, then a long way back to Developed Country (or would we choose to pass on that option?)



There is no Minister for Manufacturing.

There is a Shadow Minister of Innovation, Industry and Science.

Australia used to make things and grow things and export them. We are told that there is a need to transition (the new trendy verb which used to be only a noun) to other more innovative actinvities .
Instead of making and growing things we should be doing things but can we export what we do?

In Australia's glory days the best manufacturers used innovation. Where are we directing our innovation now and where should we direct our innovation in the future? Please advise on Also give at least one example

Wikipedia defines Industry as the production of an economic good or service within an economy. If we need to move away from manufacturing then do we move to production of services? Various people are suggesting the move of manufacturers could be to education and health. Lance Endersbee presented the theory that if manufacturing and agriculture represent too low a percentage of GDP compared to services it represents a government stifled by paralysis.

Science is wonderful but does it represent an opportunity for export?

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