Sunday, 9 June 2013

Our Political Challenge

Citrus Farmers Hung Out to Dry

Our push on selective tariffs will have to play second fiddle - at least for a while. There was a Senate Select committee Inquiry in January 2012. Hansard confirms that there was a ban due to come into effect in April 2013.  This could have made an additional 200,000 tons per annum  (approximately) of oranges to become profitable and allow a very noticeable reduction in Farm Debt. A  projection of  this graph was prepared and was presented at the Senate Inquiry into Citrus in Griffith on 3rd July 2013.

When this web site claimed that a ban on contaminated Brazilian orange concentrate has been reversed both sides of politics loudly advised that there was no reversal of the ban because there was never a ban. The minders of Senator Colbeck John Cobb who claimed this have been proved to be wrong. I am happy to talk to them or to their bosses at any time.

The book 'WHODUNNIT The Last Nail in the Coffin of the Citrus Family Farm' accuses:
1. the multinational company which controls more than 80% of the juice market and most of the beer market in Australia of bribery to reverse the ban
2. Senate members who knew than or now of allowing it to happen of betraying citrus farmers .

that as the future outlook for fruit growing in Australia  - oblivion

A petition is being enthusiastically  signed with the first item calling for an immediate ban on contaminated Brazilian orange concentrate. There are at least six political parties with policies or leanings to saving citrus. They have joined with those signing the petition and have  been trying unsuccessfully  to debate  with Michael McCormack - the National Party member for Riverina. We have invited any one of Warren Truss,  John Cobb, Barnaby Joyce  or Michael McCormack to come to Griffith or else arrange for a video hook up to debate this issue. We are not surprised that not one of them has responded. We are moving towards a Battle Plan to achieve the aim of saving agriculture.

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